Our Watershaping Process

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What is a WaterShape?

Watershaping is having the ability to create art with water. You cannot get a true Watershape at your local pool “sales” store. Those places are full of salesman who specialize in “closing the deal”. Their abilities and designs are rudimentary at best. A true watershape designer will make your pool, spa or water feature blend effortlessly with you and your surrounding outdoor living space. This can only be accomplished by a designer who takes the time to get to know you, your home and everything that makes you tick.

Building a WaterShape

Building a watershape correctly is not an easy process. It is imperative that proper construction plans are developed and more importantly followed. The plans need to have extensive details to ensure that your watershape is constructed perfectly.  A watershape typically contains multiple details which make it unique. You need a builder who is well versed in bringing these types of projects to life. A single missed detail can ruin the whole vision of the design. Your average builder can’t and won’t accomplish this.

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